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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Beam Goodspaceguy Up to Spaceship Congress

June 30, 2008

Elect Goodspaceguy Nelson to Congress. (Note: recently a video-making humorist has appeared who also is using the name Goodspaceguy.)

A message from Goodspaceguy Nelson, a candidate for US Representative to Congress from the 7th Congressional District of Washington State.

Some Solutions and Programs of Goodspaceguy:

Goodspaceguy likes to refer to our Earth as Spaceship Earth, a spaceship built by the science and by the technology of Mother Nature. (God?)

Let's solve world problems from the viewpoint that we are the crew and passengers of Spaceship Earth.

Some centuries have greatness in them. In about the last hundred years, we Earthlings developed cars, radios, airplanes, movies, television, and computers. We moved from the Horse and Buggy Age into the Automobile Age and into the Airplane Age and into the Computer Age and into the baby stage of the Space Age. Now a great goal for this new 21st Century is to start the Age of Orbital Space Colonization! We have already spent the necessary money for orbital space colonization, but unfortunately our leaders were not educated in orbital space colonization and so wasted billions and billions of dollars of space money and resources. Goodspaceguy wants to redirect our space dollars into orbital space colonization.

About 400 million years ago, life from the seas of Earth came up and colonized the land of Earth.
Now, the colonization of orbital space by life from Earth is of similar significance.

Goodspaceguy worries about nuclear war and the coming of the next killer asteroid and therefore wants us to spread life from Earth out into our solar system as quickly as possible. Instead of bringing most of the material up from Earth for the colonization, Goodspaceguy wants us to use a lot of material from the near Earth asteroids and comets to help build the coming orbital space colonies. Let's follow the low-cost path to the Fantastic Future.

Goodspaceguy Nelson has studied economics and many of the methods for raising the living standard and improving the quality-of-life.

So that we can live longer and healthier, Goodspaceguy Nelson wants more people working in medical research, rejuvenation research, and longevity research. Let's continue the great advances of the Twentieth Century into our new Twenty-first Century.

Some Earthlings have been suffering from the misery caused by the human population explosion. The population explosion is the cause of many problems on Spaceship Earth (such as overcrowding in some nations and starvation and genocide and the wiping out of wild habitats and their creatures.)

Also, the population explosion has helped drive up the price of gas and has been helping to increase the illegal immigration into the Seattle area.

Spaceship Earth now has to support more than three people for every one person she supported a hundred years ago, and the population on Spaceship Earth continues to grow and grow. The growing overpopulation problems will probably grow worse. More people might notice.

Brain storming: Would head taxes on Spaceship Earth be a much more pleasant partial solution to overpopulation than the old, cruel methods of population control, such as starvation, disease, murder, and war? To stop and reverse the population explosion, should birth permits be sold to slow the number of people coming onto Spaceship Earth?

Starting with the homeless, let us make life better through employment for all people who can be coaxed into the work force. We should increase employment in the private sector, and we should make government the back-up employer of "helpers" who apply for minimum wage employment. Our government should back its minimum wage with jobs for helpers. "Helpers would assist in all areas of government.

The employment of all willing people should help reduce crime and should help raise our living standard. Idleness promotes crime and poverty, but work produces the skills and knowledge and goods and services that make up our living standard.

Unemployment is a tremendous waste! Labor builds the living standard.

Because some workers want more leisure, government should lead by creating part-time employment programs, such as three day and four day work-week options.

To glorify the Seattle area, we should try to make it easier to grow the movie-making industry in the Seattle area by cooperating with moviemakers.

To reduce traffic congestion on Spaceship Earth, let us abolish government restrictions on the height of buildings so that we can live closer to where we want to be and walk more, and let's become more ecologically friendly by making it easier and less costly to build high-rise condominiums and apartments. Let us build better sky-dwellings than the people of Vancouver Canada have built. Let us increase the housing supply to slow the upward movement of rents.

To increase the quality of life and reduce the stress level, let us ask government to increase free and easy parking. If you pay a lot of gas tax, you deserve more free parking. Parking should be considered part of the road system.

Let us make it easier for people to obtain knowledge by increasing the open hours of libraries and by increasing the use of colleges, which are underutilized in the evenings and on the weekends. Let us also promote part-time work and part-time study.

To lower the cost of medical care, let us allow more people to work and compete in medical care. Also, let our helpers help. Prices are often shaped by wages.

Goodspaceguy Nelson received his Master of Science Degree from the University of Minnesota. Goodspaceguy previously studied for 3 years at Stockholm University in Sweden, having already earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Germany and his high school diploma in Washington State.

Goodspaceguy Nelson is a non-smoker, non-drinker, non-drug user, but as a believer in individual freedom and free will and upward evolution, Goodspaceguy believes that each individual should decide whether or not to engage in habits which are thought to be harmful to oneself. Taxpayers, through their governments, should not incur the wasteful cost of interfering. Goodspaceguy is pro-choice on almost everything.

Goodspaceguy Nelson is able to read several foreign languages and recommends that the principles of economics be taught in our elementary schools and that English be made the governmental language of the federal government and of Washington State.

Because the state of Maryland donated the land of Washington D.C. to the federal government, Goodspaceguy Nelson wants the people of Washington D.C. to vote in federal elections through the state of Maryland. For federal elections, the land of Washington D.C. should again become part of the state of Maryland.

Goodspaceguy Nelson would like beautiful Puerto Rico to become the 51st state.

Goodspaceguy is an astronomer, an economist, an investor, an owner, and an admirer of stars in the sky and in the movies. Goodspaceguy wants more stars in the Seattle area.

Please, help raise the living standard by supporting the small spending candidates and keeping your campaign contributions under $25. Thank you.

Elect Goodspaceguy Nelson, 10219 Ninth Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98168

(Normally, the voters vote for the big spenders of the people's money and ignore the small spenders, such as Goodspaceguy. Then after electing the big spenders, some of the voters complain about the tax burden that their elected officials force them to carry.)

Contact Info: Email: or telephone 206-390-0373

To learn more about Goodspaceguy's solutions and programs, please google or yahoo or internet the name Goodspaceguy Nelson or visit his two blogs: (This blog concerns improving our Spaceship Earth.) (This blog concerns Orbital Space Colonization.)