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Friday, July 14, 2006

Robert Bigelow and Orbital Space Colonization

Robert Bigelow and Orbital Space Colonization (My message # 18. I have also put more than twenty messages on my other blog at )
July 14, 2006 by Michael Goodspaceguy Nelson

* Robert T. Bigelow might be an important leader in orbital space colonization! Robert sent an inflatable up into orbit aboard a Russian rocket. (The Russians are opening orbital space to people who can pay the ticket price. Good for the Russians ! Good for orbital space colonization !) (We need launch competitors. Competition should bring down the cost of getting into orbit.) Inflatable habitat components in the coming orbital space colonies might turn out to be really important components of the colonies. With Robert's help, we might make a lot of progress.

* Robert Bigelow, a Las Vegas real estate guy of "Budget Suites of America", has made a good gamble. He is risking a lot of money on perhaps making future homes and other things for humans in orbital space. Win or lose, he is doing the right thing for humanity. Thank God, he and people with his spirit were born.

* His inflatable "Genesis I" is orbiting more than 300 miles up in the sky. Robert and his company Bigelow Aerospace may send up more inflatables to be joined together for people to live in if the inflatables prove to be sufficiently durable. This might be how space colonies get started.

* Robert Bigelow and his company "Bigelow Aerospace" have serious plans for orbital space. Good for Robert.


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