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Saturday, August 19, 2006

I, Michael Goodspaceguy Nelson, am a candidate for the US Senate

Saturday, August 19, 2006 (This is my message #21 on my blog "Colonize Orbital Space." As of this date, I also have posted over 20 messages on my other blog "Our Spaceship Earth." )

On Monday, July 24, 2006, I, Goodspaceguy Nelson, filed as a candidate from Washington State for the United States Senate.

I have two blogs: (This first blog deals with improving Our Spaceship Earth) (This second blog deals with getting Earthlings into the coming Orbital Space Colonies before the arrival of the next killer asteroid.)

* I want the orbital space colonization that should have started after President Kennedy and President Johnson got us to the Moon in 1969.
* After establishment of space habitats, I want the privitazation of many of the habitats in the orbital space colonies in order to minimize the huge waste of money found in our current system.
* I want many of the government launched habitats to be sold to the highest bidders: such as to farmers and to other individuals, and to businesses such as movie studios and hotels, and to educational organizations such as universities that want to research and teach people how to live in orbital space. (It's really not that difficult! We are doing it now in the International Space Station, but I know how to do it much better.)
* I want employment for everyone on our Spaceship Earth who is willing to work. We should be balancing the economy with the steady work required to feed, clothe, house, educate, entertain, and raise up all the interested people on our Spaceship Earth.
* Using the head tax and education, I want to stop the population explosion that is causing so many problems on our Spaceship Earth.
* I want us to spread the concept that we on Spaceship Earth are all of the human family that came out of our home continent of Africa long ago, that we are all related, that we are family.
* I want us to spread the concept that our ancestors established cradles of civilization around our Spaceship Earth, and now it is time to expand from the cradle of our Spaceship Earth out into the new high civilization that we and our descendants will build throughout the orbital space of our Solar System.
* I want us to promote world peace using the concept that in this nuclear age, Spaceship Earth has become too, too small for war. We need to spread the rule of law and order around our Spaceship Earth.
* Instead of sending our soldiers, it is better to send our exports to pay for our imports. It does not make sense to bomb our suppliers. It does not make sense to bomb our customers. It does make sense to encourage the development of the local rule of law and order through the local police and courts around our Spaceship Earth.
* The passengers and crews on Spaceship Earth need to learn how to operate their local democracies by trying and trying and trying.
* I want us to defend the freedom and the property and the incentive of each individual so that each individual can become like royalty in the administration of his or her own life and can more easily build to his or her own potential.


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