Colonize Orbital Space

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Leave The American Space Shuttles in Space!

Leave the American Space Shuttles in Space! (My message # 20 on this blog. I also have written more than 20 messages on my other blog "Our Spaceship Earth" )
July 19, 2006 by Goodspaceguy

* The Fleet of American Space Shuttles was and is a bad idea, a wasteful idea, an injury to the American tax payers, especially when space colonization should be the objective.

* Principle: Because it is so expensive to put material into orbit, whatever makes it into orbit, should stay in orbit.

* It cost a lot of tax payer money to put an American Space Shuttle into orbit. The payload of a launching rocket system pushing things up into orbital space should be considered to be whatever makes it into orbit. The Space Shuttle is therefore the payload and should stay in orbital space. It does not make sense to spend so much money to put Space Shuttles into orbit and then turn around and bring them down to Earth. We then have so little to show for the money spent. For the colonization of our solar system, we need many space crafts in orbit.

* For example, in orbit, the space shuttles could have been sold to the highest bidders. Some of the new owners might have used them for providing transportation between the Earth and the orbit of the Moon. Perhaps an owner, might even had tried going to the orbit of Mars and the moons of Mars.

* Other new owners of space shuttles in orbit might simply have used them as habitats from which to experiment with living and working in orbit.

* NASA's research should be concentrating on learning how people can live well and work well in orbital space. (I and some other people already have some good ideas in this area. Some people think NASA is brain dead.)

* It was wrong to bring our space shuttles and other material down from orbit. If we had joined the spacecrafts and and other items together with docking spheres and nets and connectors, we would already be a great space colonizing civilization with several spinning outposts in our solar system.

* Again (and this is important) each space shuttle launch could instead have been a launch of a space habitat. We would have so much more to show for the money we have already spent.

* If we had launched space habitats instead of space shuttles, we would be so much further ahead of where we are now. We would already have much experience with beginning orbital colonization around the Earth, around the Moon, and around the moons of Mars.

* In the 49 years of the Space Age that Nikita Khrushchev began when he led the backward Soviet Union in launching Sputnik in 1957, we have accomplished so little of our potential in space colonization. We have thrown away so, so many possible space habitats by abandonning our successful heavy lift rocket for the wasteful Space Shuttle. Our leaders simply did not and apparantly do not understand space colonization.

*Progress through knowledge, Michael Goodspaceguy Nelson, candidate US Senate

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Require More NASA People to Work in Orbit

Require More NASA People to Work in Orbit (My message # 19. I also put more than twenty messages on my other blog at )
July 18, 2006 by Goodspaceguy Nelson

* Some of the NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) employees should be required to work in the growing International Space Station and the future space colonies so that they can understand their work. Those who don't want to transfer into the high frontier can be transferred into other government jobs that don't require the understanding gained by living in orbital space.

* The employees transferring up into the high frontier should be lifted up by the Russians unless cheaper flights to orbit become available. NASA's transportation to orbit is just too, too expensive! NASA should promote the competitive transportation to orbit industry to bring down the cost.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Robert Bigelow and Orbital Space Colonization

Robert Bigelow and Orbital Space Colonization (My message # 18. I have also put more than twenty messages on my other blog at )
July 14, 2006 by Michael Goodspaceguy Nelson

* Robert T. Bigelow might be an important leader in orbital space colonization! Robert sent an inflatable up into orbit aboard a Russian rocket. (The Russians are opening orbital space to people who can pay the ticket price. Good for the Russians ! Good for orbital space colonization !) (We need launch competitors. Competition should bring down the cost of getting into orbit.) Inflatable habitat components in the coming orbital space colonies might turn out to be really important components of the colonies. With Robert's help, we might make a lot of progress.

* Robert Bigelow, a Las Vegas real estate guy of "Budget Suites of America", has made a good gamble. He is risking a lot of money on perhaps making future homes and other things for humans in orbital space. Win or lose, he is doing the right thing for humanity. Thank God, he and people with his spirit were born.

* His inflatable "Genesis I" is orbiting more than 300 miles up in the sky. Robert and his company Bigelow Aerospace may send up more inflatables to be joined together for people to live in if the inflatables prove to be sufficiently durable. This might be how space colonies get started.

* Robert Bigelow and his company "Bigelow Aerospace" have serious plans for orbital space. Good for Robert.

The Waste of Trash and Additional Rooms

The Waste of Trash and Additional Orbiting Space Station Rooms (My message # 17. I also put more than twenty messages on my other blog at )
July 14, 2006, by Michael Goodspaceguy Nelson

* The waste in the space programs by humans is huge! We could be building the orbiting space colonies now and we could have built some colonies in the past, but the people in charge and formerly in charge of the space programs, keep throwing the building blocks of the space colonies back down upon the Earth.

* At say, $10,000 per pound for NASA to put stuff into orbit, throwing stuff such as trash and space cargo ships back down onto the Earth is a huge waste.

* In the space colonies, it is important to push the technology of re-cycling to new heights. Trash and garbage are needed as the raw material of the advancing re-cycling technology. One of the leading technologies of the space colonies will be the technology of re-cycling everything.

*Unfortunately, cargo ships at the International Space Station, after they are unloaded, get stuffed with trash and garbage and are dropped back down upon the Earth. This is a hugh waste! The cargo ships could be used as additional rooms at the Internation Space Station or at privately owned space colonies, or the cargo ships could be used as cargo ships between the coming space colonies. The cargo ships could be grouped together. The destruction of spacecrafts and garbage shows a lack of concern for the tax payers and a lack of knowledge on the part of the people who have control of the space programs.

* Instead of destroying these cargo ships, it would be better to sell them to the highest bidders. These spacecraft could be used to slowly grow the space colonies. The garbage, the trash, the human waste could be stored in orbit in huge bags and in netting and in waste containers for future re-cycling in the privately owned orbiting green houses and privately owned orbiting aquariums of the space colonies and in the privately owned orbiting workshops and manufacturing conglomerations. Many cargo ships and containers can be joined together for this re-cycling work. The used equipment could be used for parts and their materials could easily be re-cycled, using the tremendous solar power that is available to the space colonists.

*When, say, two tons of trash and cargo ship is plunged back to Earth, the tax payers suffer a real loss. The loss to the tax payers might be 40 million dollars, which would have been the cost to put this re-cycling material into orbit (4,000 pounds times $10,000 per pound equals $40,000,000.00.)
* White collar vandalism by our leaders has occurred ! The tax payers have been hurt. Orbital space colonization has taken another step backwards. We need people in control who understand orbital space colonization! We don't need destruction caused by the lack of knowledge of orbital space colonization.
* What goes into space should stay in space.