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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Success Can Take Longer Than Expected

Success Can Take Longer Than Expected (My message # 15. I have also put more than twenty messages on my other blog at )
Saturday, June 17, 2006 by Michael Goodspaceguy Nelson

* The colonization of our solar system has been one of my advocacies, starting when I was inspired by a classmate back in the sixth grade in Havre de Grace, Maryland. We would go to the school library and check out and read the various books on Astronomy, and we would make drawings of spaceships, planets, moons, and so forth.

* Because of my extensive reading about astronomy and related subjects starting in the sixth grade, I soon noticed that I knew more about our universe, our Milky Way Galaxy, and our solar system than most of the adults around me. Apparently, most of the adults around me had not been studying the universe they lived in.

* Because of the knowledge I gained from the astronomy and related books, I predicted in 8th grade in 1954 that we would land on the Moon in about ten years. My 8th grade teacher didn't believe me. She hadn't been reading the same material I had read. But I was overly optimistic. I thought ten years would be a reasonable amount of time to land a person upon the Moon, but it took about fifteen years instead, We humans succeeded in July 1969.

* The predicted achievement of landing on the Moon that I and various writers and others knew could happen was helped along by the backward Soviet Unions launching of Sputnik in 1957 under Nikita Khrushchev and then President Kennedy's and President Johnson's rising to the Soviet's space achievement challenge.

* Competition with the Soviet Union pushed the United States upward to do that which some of us knew that the United States could do if the will power was found. The Soviet Union helped the United States to get the will power to achieve in space, as some of us knew the United States could achieve.

* After the United States sent men to the Moon several times, using the tremendous power of the Saturn 5 Rocket, the United States seemed to quit. It was as if the leaders of the United States did not have knowledge of what we have the ability to do in space. They did not know that it was now time to begin the colonization of space. They did not know that it was best to start with orbital space colonization.

* The leaders of the United States abandoned our successful Saturn V Rocket and replaced it with the faulty concept of the Space Shuttle. What a huge mistake !

* Our space progress has probably been so poor and so slow because the leaders of the United States do not understand orbital space colonization, and they don't seem to understand why the space shuttle was such a bad idea.

* Now it is 2006. It is about 49 years since the backward Soviet Union started the Space Age in 1957 by orbiting Sputnik, and after these 49 years we still only have a finger-tip hold in space with our faulty but important International Space Station. The faulty design of the International Space Station is further evidence that the leaders of the United States do not understand space colonization.

* We should already have many successful orbiting space colonies, but the leaders of the United States and the leaders of the other nations on our Spaceship Earth don't have the necessary knowledge of orbital space colonization. They don't know that we have the ability to colonize our solar system. The colonization of our solar system will be the big achievement of the 21st Century.

* We Earthlings will build a space faring civilization into the fantastic future within this 21st Century. I am predicting great, orbiting cities that will grow from small orbiting settlements.

* Who will be the new national leaders in the conquest of space, like Nikita Khrushchev of the backward former Soviet Union and like President Kennedy of the United States ?

* Our beginning colonies in orbital space should already exist, but they do not. Our success in space is taking longer than expected by us who know that we can build the orbiting space colonies. Therefore it still remains the fantastic future for the people of our Spaceship Earth.
* I predict that by starting small, the great orbiting cities of our solar system will be a great achievement of the people of this new 21st Century.
* The great, orbiting, human civilization is our destiny in the 21st Century.


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