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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Redirect the Money of NASA Towards Orbital Colonization!

Redirect the Money of NASA Up into Orbital Space Colonization !
May 14, 2006 by Michael Goodspaceguy Nelson
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* The National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA) spends more than a billion dollars per month. It's 2006 budget is about $16. 4 billion. This money could be used much more effectively for research on how to live well and build well in orbital space for the upward advancement of our human civilization.
* NASA should redirect it money and spend it on the building of the coming orbital space colonies.
* Most portions of the spinning, orbiting space settlements should be immediately privatized by NASA after construction. This would create an additional cash inflow to NASA to finance the in-space site construction of even more orbiting space habitat moduless, which in turn should also be privatized by NASA so that many people, corporations, and institutions can own and develop the orbiting space colonies. I'm talking about rapid development.
* Our strength is that the United States is a competitive, free market country.
* We and NASA should play to this strength and open our Solar System to the power of economic, competitive, free market capitalism. We who understand the principles of economics and the principles of orbital space colonization should lead the way.
* Right now, known, intelligent life in our Milky Way Galaxy is confined to a small ball in space that I call Spaceship Earth and others call our planet Earth. We need to rapidly spread intelligent life out into our solar system before something bad stops us.
* Under capitalism, individuals should become owners of some of the habitats in the orbiting space colonies.
* Colleges and universities should become owners of some of the habitats in the orbiting space colonies.
Many individual owners in the orbiting space colonies will make more scientific progress than NASA can make alone. We need NASA to build a partnership between itself and competitive, free market capitalism in order to rocket intelligent human life throughout our solar system.
* Building various small but growing, spinning, orbiting space colonies is one of the most effective things we can do right now to advance technology and to insure the survival of the human race from such dangers as possible nuclear war on Earth and the coming next impact on Earth of a large killer asteroid.
* The Earth grew and grew as stuff from space fell down upon it. Small stuff is still falling. Some day another large object will fall toward the Earth from space and could cause much destruction if the people in the orbiting space colonies are not ready to rescue the Earth.
* Instead of allowing these incoming asteroids and comets and meteroids to smash into the Earth, the orbital space colonists could instead cut them up, mine them, and use their materials to grow the orbiting colonies.
* Think, study, and colonize orbital space, Michael Goodspaceguy Nelson


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