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Monday, June 12, 2006

US Competitive Free Market Orbital Colonization Act

US Competitive Free Market Orbital Colonization Act (My message # 14. I also put more than twenty messages on my other blog at )
Monday, June 12, 2006 by Michael Goodspaceguy Nelson
* We are now in need of a United States Competitive Free Market Orbital Colonization Act !
* We already had the US Homestead Act of 1862 which provided 160 acres of land to anyone who would farm that land give-away to people who would colonize the West for the United States.
* We should now subsidize the colonization of orbital space by giving space habitats to the people who will live in them. This give-away will jump start the United States into the colonization of the high frontier of orbital space, starting with growing, orbital space settlements around our Earth and around our Moon.
* In orbital space colonization, the United States should lead the human family of our Spaceship Earth to its destiny of colonizing our solar system in this Twenty-first Century. We should promote the spirit of peace. We Americans come from all the nations of the Earth. We Americans are the Earth united.
* Such a modern homesteading act should leap-frog the people of the United States into the coming fantasic future of the "High Orbiting Civilization." We will show how it can be done successfully and peacefully. This will be a great education for us.
* We. the people of the United States, would learn by pushing up our knowledge of technology and democracy.
* Some of our goals as freedom leaders on our Spaceship Earth should be the goals of uniting the peoples of our Spaceship Earth in peace, progress, knowledge, and prosperity.


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