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Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Far Side of the Moon

The Far Side of the Moon
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* Long ago, on October 7, 1959, the Luna 3 Robotic Space Craft from the former Soviet Union took photographs of the far side of the Moon ( another first for the human race.) Through the former and faulty Soviet Union, humankind had made progess.
* Some of the people of the United States were waking up to the future possibilities in space. Unfortunately, many Americans (through lack of study of orbital space colonization ) would fall asleep again after our successes with the Saturn V Rocket when under the 1960's leadership of President Kennedy and President Johnson we got to the Moon in 1969.
* We can make much more progress now. Our technology had advanced, and some of us know about orbital space colonization.
* "Live long and prosper" (Star Trek) Michael Goodspaceguy Nelson


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