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Sunday, June 11, 2006

NASA, Start Free Enterprise in Orbital Space

NASA, Please Start Free Enterprise in Orbital Space! (My message # 13. I also have put over twenty messages in my other blog at )
Sunday, June 11, 2006 by Michael Goodspaceguy Nelson
* The United States Government allowed the old Soviet Union to make the first successes in space. 1957: Sputnik; later, 1961: Gagarin, the first man in orbital space.
* When it comes to the privatization or orbital space, the capitalistic United States should rush to establish the first private ownership of space habitats in orbital space (perhaps modeled on the laws of condominium ownership?)
* When companies and individuals can buy their own orbital space colonization habitats in a spinning, orbiting space settlement, we should expect the successes and dangerous adventures and the excitement to increase in orbital space. We should expect an increase in the speed of progress.
* The dictatorial government of the collapsed Soviet Union discovered that privately owned farming can produce more food than government owned farming.
* The principle of private ownership in the spinning, orbiting American space settlements should also lead to much more success than NASA has experienced without private ownership.
* Likewise, privately owned space habitats can lead to better research into how to live and prosper in orbital space, than can governmental controlled research.
* Perhaps a movie studio might want to purchase a space habitat in a spinning, orbiting space settlement if NASA gives them a good price. One or more movie studios could make documentaries on whatever space adventures might arise.
* Perhaps an agricultural company could buy a space habitat from NASA and do research in growing greenhouses in the coming spinning, orbital space colonies.
* Perhaps individuals could purchase space habitats from NASA at affordable prices so that they can do research into how to survive in orbital space.
* Perhaps ...
* Owners of space habitats have greater motivation to learn how to live and prosper in the orbital space colonies than government employees have.


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