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Sunday, April 23, 2006

President Bush: A Space-Faring Civilization is Easiest in the Orbiting Space Colonies

President Bush: A Space-Faring Civilization is Easiest to Build in the Orbiting Space Colonies
* by Michael Goodspaceguy Nelson *Sunday, April 23, 2006

* An example of my desire for the beginning colonization of our solar system is as follows.

* Many years ago, during Vice President (the father) Bush's campaign for the Republican nomination for the Presidency of the United States, Vice President Bush came to Seattle, where, from the audience of one campaign event in the twin towers Westin Hotel, I spoke with Vice President Bush briefly. I recommended to Vice President Bush that we put space stations in orbit around the Earth, also around our Moon, and also around the Planet Mars.

* Like Martin Luther King, I also have a dream. My dream is for our human civilization to advance into our solar system by beginning with the building of small and orbiting and expandable and turning space stations. These space stations might function as supply bases, rescue bases, repair bases, research bases, agricultural bases, manufacturing bases, recycling bases and also as staging bases from which private companies and individuals in our free enterprise system can begin to access the large amount of mining material already in space. I want us to make it possible for companies and individuals to add on privately owned additions to the governmental, rotating space stations. It is important to make these space stations expandable with huge amounts of water for use by humans and for use as shielding from radiation.

* In these growing, rotating space stations, we humans can learn more cheaply how to live and work in space. Currently, much of NASA's space dollars are being wasted on silly projects.

* So far, I am not aware of anything having come out of my recommendations to the first President Bush. Some people may think that orbital space colonization is a lunatic idea. Not everyone can see the amazing future which is merely an extention of going from the horse-and-buggy age to the beginnings of the Soviet Union's Sputnik triggered Space Age in fifty-seven years (1900-1957.) The Space Age began in the Twentieth Century. Our technological advancement is continuing rapidly. We should make the Twenty-first Century into the century of the Colonization of Our Solar System. The Solar System and its abundant resources are waiting for us.
* "Live long and prosper," (Star Trek) Michael Goodspaceguy Nelson


At 2:33 PM, Anonymous Rob Bignell said...

Enjoyed your entries and glad to find another advocate of space exploration out there. I address some of the same issues at my astrobiology blog, "Alien Life (, particularly in the "Cosmicus" section. Hopefully we can foment some change. Cheers.


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