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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Orbiting Green Houses and Aquariums 4 Recycling

Orbiting Green Houses and Aquariums for Recycling
Wednesday, June 7, 2006 by Michael Goodspaceguy Nelson (This is my message # 11. I have also put more than twenty messages on my other blog at )

* Start small. Start simple. Save trash. Save garbage. Save human waste.
* Start near the International Space Station and other locations desired by the space colonists.
* Start recycling. Save everything.
* Privatize the small human containers in space and start building small green houses and small aquariums around them. Connect the containers and slowly spin the assemblage to simulate different levels of gravity.
* Stop destroying. Stop throwing back down onto our Spaceship Earth that which cost us so much money to put into orbital space.
* Experiment with the building of warehouses and netting and ballons for the storage of junk and waste and trash in orbital space.
* Experiment with the building of large air and water containing structures in orbital space around the smaller experimental and privatized orbital dwellings.
* Build outer structures around the inner structures.
* Then build additional outer structures around the first outer structures, putting the greatest pressure levels inside the inner structures.
* Our National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the other space agencies should immediately start switching their funding towards actual orbital research into how to live and prosper in orbital space.
* The best bang for the research dollar is to be obtained by actually doing the research in orbit. The research and training on the ground of Earth is so wasteful.
* It is time to get serious about advancing the technology of recycling everything.
* We should have started orbital space colonization right after our successful trips to the Moon under the leadership of President Kennedy and President Johnson.
* To advance the technology of recycling, begin small by building privately owned green houses, privately owned aquariums, privately owned warehouses, and privately owned junk yards near the International Space Station and other locations desired by the colonists, such as above the equator.
* The International Space Station would be one of the good places to begin and advance the colonization of orbital space because this space station produces a lot of waste that can be used in advancing the technology of recycling.
* We humans need to have places to live other than just on our Spaceship Earth. Earth might suffer from nuclear war or from a large and destructive asteroid impact. We would be wise to spread out throughout our solar system now that some of our people know how.
* Huge green houses and huge aquariums in the spinning, orbiting space settlements will make the space settlements so much nicer.


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