Colonize Orbital Space

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Colonize Orbital Space

Colonize Orbital Space April 4, 2006
by Michael Goodspaceguy Nelson,

*For a long time, I have been saying that instead of colonizing moons or planets, we can get more for our space research money by first colonizing the orbital space around the Earth, colonizing the orbital space around the Moon, colonizing the orbital space around the Sun, and colonizing the orbital space around Mars. Space research is better done in orbital space than on Earth. In orbital space, the research on how to colonize orbital space becomes more real in that there is an immediate need to succeed. Research done in orbital space on how to live well in orbital space has quicker benefits.
*This is a subject I have studied, and so I know we can do it. I am sure that there are others who also know that we can do it.
*I want the United States Government and NASA to be at the core of this colonization, but I want private enterprise to grow up around the governmental core. It would be good if the private ownership, profit making sector of the orbiting colonies might grow to be ninety percent of each orbiting colony and that the government of these U.S. orbiting territories become local, democratic governments.


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